MedBlogs Grand Rounds 4:15

other things amanzi: grand rounds

grand rounds vol 4 number 15, welcome to south africa. and a happy new year to all!!

International Rounds!


  1. Holy Smokes but that Bongi did a fine job with Grand Rounds. His images alone would have been worth the visit, great posts there too.

    So GruntD — you ever going to visit my blog? Nah, don’t do it… pales in comparison with all of the blood and lions y’all have to offer. But lets play nostalgia isn’t what it used to be games… TAG. you are IT. A meme… remember those, from way back in the ’05-’06 blogosphere years?

    Kicking off your 2008 season, hope you will share 7 weird/random things about me.

    Your fans have all been pretty excited by your calendar boy photo. Hope you will share some more! Luv, tl (who has many secret car factoids to share with you!)