Thank You and Goodbye « Hallway Four

Thank You and Goodbye « Hallway Four

Hallway Four signs off, and it sounds like she’s in my head:

…I’m going to call it quits. Nothing bad has happened that has led me to this point, it just seems like the longer I work in the ER, the less I have to say about my job. I don’t know what this means. I still have good cases and amazing patients and funny stories, but for some reason I feel less and less inclined to write about them now than I did a year ago.

Hallway Four will be missed, and after a suitable period of mourning, will join the Dead Blog blogroll.

It’s been five days since I last posted, and that was a link to Grand Rounds.


  1. Speaking as one who updates her blog fairly infrequently… don’t go. I’ve contemplated quitting 100 times, but then someone will send me an interesting story, or I’ll feel like writing about something and then I’m happy that codeblog is still around for me to do so.

    Of course it’s up to you :) But you would be missed!

  2. GD, I’m with Geena. Do what you feel you need to do, but certainly consider graduating to “blogger emeritus” status. You are a treasure.


  3. Same here GD. Hope you’ll stay.

  4. Someone get the crash cart… this one don’t sound too hot. :)

    Don’t leave us GD… but if you do, I’ll say the same to you that you said to Hallway 4… be a guest blogger at The Voice of Reason!

  5. Take a break, ride one of dem kayak thingamabobbies down a quite river, then come ‘on back. Blog breaks, like vacations, are remarkable at resetting your clock. You watch, some crisis to rant about is probably just about to hit your ER door…

    Might want to consider re-posting some of your old gems in the meantime, too. There’s some good ones…

  6. It has been all downhill since you quit the caffeine. Dammit! Can I send you some??

    Please don’t leave! Ok, ok ~ I know begging won’t help, but it was worth a try. ;)

  7. All,
    Thanks for the concern, but really, I’m too lazy to quit.

    It’s just a seasonal slump.

  8. “but really, I’m too lazy to quit.”

    That was HILARIOUS.


  9. Nurse 1961 says:

    Yep, it’s the lack of coffee!!

    Where else would we hear about the life saving foley catheter, and the enhanced MAR taped to the blank sheet of paper.

    Maybe you need a lightbox for that seasonal effective disorder, called “blogger fatigue”.

  10. It has been 22 posts now since an original post from GD – (not counting the “happy anniversary” post). If we mail you coffee, will you come back to writing original posts? We love reading them!

  11. What? You have been losing heart for blogging since giving up caffeine? Your fans wish you to stay.

    I am punching about with “shall I blog or shall I go?” issues… but, jeepers, GD, you are an original.

    Maybe spin it? Turn your blog into some other non-ER focus, or only post weekly or weakly or something?

    Coffee may be good for you. Seeing any benefits without it?

    your sloggish blogging fan,