Archives for February 10, 2008

Random thoughts

I just finished 12 shifts in 13 days, which is a really nice way to make your brain soft and mushy.

When I told the consultant the patient had EKG changes and an abnormal troponin, I didn’t expect “does he have risk factors?” to be the question.

I am very tired of reading political diatribes on otherwise worthy medical blogs. If you’re going to do them, please tell us in big letters that a) it’s political, not medical, therefore out of your area of specialized knowledge and just a muddled recapitulation of what others of your particular political bent have already said (and have said better), and b) tell us if you’re kidding. The one I read tonight I had to read twice it was so bad. I was sure it was a joke. Apparently not, which is a pity. Do us all a favor and just comment in the forums at your favorite “me, too” political place. That’s what I do, as a service to you, my dear readers. Nobody comes here to see what I think about any politics outside medicine, and I respect all my readers enough to not insult the half who won’t agree with me if I did. Oh, and my presidential endorsement remains.

Listening to a lecturer with one of the ubiquitous verbal tics (umm, ahh, etc) can be annoying. Have the tic be an exact recreation of South Park’s Mr. Mackey saying “M’kay” repeatedly is at first amusing then amazingly distracting. He did it 136 times today before I stopped counting.  Yes I’m learning, and paying attention, but that’s an unfortunate tic.

I’m a lucky guy.  And I have the nine smartest readers out there.