Archives for February 13, 2008

Discovery Health Channel Wants You

Or, more specifically, your stories.

Quoted with permission:

To you (and your readers) — my name is Jon and I’m a TV Producer for the
Discovery Health Channel. I’m working on the second season of a show named
“Mystery ER”. I’m looking for some true stories involving interesting
cases that have come through the ER.

We’re looking for true stories — of patients that come in with symptoms
that have TRULY baffled the ER doctors.

Immediately we’re hoping to get a story that has a criminal root (not
malpractice per se, but rather — for example — a poisoning).

But we’d be interested in hearing ANY of your tales that involve an
extended mystery in the ER.

I look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact me with any
questions you may have.

Jon Maas
Mystery ER
Discovery Health Channel
Mike Mathis Productions

I cannot think of one, but maybe you can.  Here’s your big chance!