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MedBogs Grand Rounds – Vol 4, No. 22 |

Grand Rounds – Vol 4, No. 22 |

I really should write something for Grand Rounds, I haven’t even submitted anything in months.

Things that make me wonder

Take this, as an example:


Every hospital I’ve worked in does the same thing: spend thousands on computers and nothing on installation, or maintenance. Computers are set directly on the floor, not maintained until they fail, etc. This one is apparently being used to clean the air on the desk (and I chuckle when I hear about ‘hospital clean air’ after seeing these).

It makes me wonder if someone has done the math on installing computers off the floor (less ingested dust), vacuuming the things twice a year, and found it’s just not cost effective: the time and labor required don’t add up on the balance sheet? Or, is it just neglect a failure to consider all the possibilities?

This, and a thousand other things a day make me wonder. Welcome to my world.

Texas Party of Medicine Slate

Early voting begins February 19th. Here’s the TEXPAC Party of Medicine endorsements:

Texas Party of Medicine slate (.pdf file) : Updated for better readability