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Twin Brothers Share Identical Injuries In Baseball Game

Twin Brothers Share Identical Injuries In Baseball Game – News Story – KXAS | Dallas

nbc5i.comIdentical twin brothers showed up at a Fort Worth hospital with what doctors said may be a first: twin traumas.The McGraw twins were both injured while playing for the same team in the same baseball game. Right-handed Nathan dislocated his right kneecap in the second inning. Then his left-handed brother, Ryan, dislocate his left kneecap.

High-riding patellas?  Very interesting, anyway.

There’s a video at the link, which I cannot figure out how to embed.

Health Policy & Communications Blog

Health Policy & Communications Blog

Welcome to the Health Policy & Communications Blog. This blog is to foster discussion and analysis about how health policy and communications issues affect clinical and economic outcomes.

Health policy affects everyone who reads this blog (or any other for that matter, perhaps less directly).  A well-written blog, worth reading.

Realist vs. Cynic

I was recently accused at work of being a cynic (who, me?).

This made me wonder what the real difference between realism (from a health-care point of view) is versus cynicism. I’m of the opinion the two terms lie on a continuum, but others I asked disagreed.

I’ve looked up the dictionary definitions of both terms, but wonder if one of you nine can explain whether or not they’re stops on a continuous thought/reaction line, or are separate and distinct states of thought. I can see how someone can be a realist and a cynic, but have trouble with Pollyanna being a cynic; I have no trouble with a realist not being a cynic.

Perhaps they’re intersecting subsets. Perhaps one of you can help me sort this out.