Discovery Health Channel Wants You

Or, more specifically, your stories.

Quoted with permission:

To you (and your readers) — my name is Jon and I’m a TV Producer for the
Discovery Health Channel. I’m working on the second season of a show named
“Mystery ER”. I’m looking for some true stories involving interesting
cases that have come through the ER.

We’re looking for true stories — of patients that come in with symptoms
that have TRULY baffled the ER doctors.

Immediately we’re hoping to get a story that has a criminal root (not
malpractice per se, but rather — for example — a poisoning).

But we’d be interested in hearing ANY of your tales that involve an
extended mystery in the ER.

I look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact me with any
questions you may have.

Jon Maas
Mystery ER
Discovery Health Channel
Mike Mathis Productions

I cannot think of one, but maybe you can.  Here’s your big chance!


  1. I suppose in retrospect the stories we see are no longer mysteries. In that sense, the longer we practice the fewer mysteries we see as we understand patient’s presentations better as we gain more clinical experience.

    Jon is more than welcome to browse my archives for anything that ‘hits the spot’.

  2. Jinkies, guys! We can start with the baffling case of the missing ‘E’!


  3. Goatwhacker says:

    I’ve seen many patients where it was a mystery why they were actually in the ED. Would that work?

  4. I got one, but then, what, we get hauled off to HIPAA court?

  5. you too? i actually had a case that they were interested enough in to call me about. when i found out there was no money or anything i was less excited but what the hell. i spoke with someone there about a very interesting tox case, but, as it turns out, it wasn’t enough “LIKE HOUSE” for them. you see, they wanted it to be a baffling case, and it was in a sense as there was an obvious diagnosis and one i got lucky on, chronic salicylism. what they wanted was… well, i have no fucking clue what they wanted, something “LIKE HOUSE” as he is so freakin’ awesome.

  6. what kind of doctor is “house” anyway?

  7. Jim in Texas says:

    Probably a litigator trolling for leads….