Physician Evil (Alleged)

Innocent until proven guilty, but here’s the first look:

Hospital boss arrested over al-Qaeda attack by human boobytraps

Iraqi security forces and US soldiers arrested the man at al-Rashad hospital in east Baghdad on Sunday. They then spent three hours searching his office and removing records. Sources told The Times that the two women bombers had been treated at the hospital in the past.

“They [the security forces] arrested the acting director, accusing him of working with al-Qaeda and recruiting mentally ill women and using them in suicide bombing operations,” a hospital official said.

I believe in hell. I believe there’s special place reserved there for whoever did this. If it’s this guy, I hope he gets there rapidly.

via Hot Air.


  1. Anne Armitage says:

    There is a special place in hell for the deeply evil: it’s called the outer darkness. Whoever did this will most assuredly be there for eternity: Deus vult, Insha’Allah, God willing.

    Before you docs curdle inside at the thought that a member of your profession had a part in this, never forget the physicians who go the distance for the least among us. My grandfather and my father were docs. In my lifetime, I have seen four generations of physicians deliver spectacular care to Down Syndrome adults and infants. Bless you all.

    niece of John, DS (1925-1980)
    mother of Hannah, DS (August 15, 1994-April 12, 1995)
    aunt of Christopher, DS (b. August 25, 2007)

  2. I agree. This is truly evil!

  3. The article says the suspect was the acting director of the hospital, but it doesn’t say he was a physician, although I suppose that could also be true.

    Physician or not, that doesn’t change the wrongfulness of the act.

  4. What a potentially tragic abuse of the mentally disabled. Really disgusting. But maybe it shows that people aren’t lining up to blow up “the infidels?” Are they beginning to run out of volunteers? Wishful thinking…

  5. Some of history’s most horrific torturers and murderers have been physicians.

    Let us never underestimate the human capacity for evil, even within our own profession.