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Grand Rounds HERE next week!

I’ll be hosting the next Medical Blogs Grand Rounds (on April 1st), and am honored to be the first Five Time Host of this rotating weekly celebration of the Medical Blogosphere.

There will be no theme (though entries describing how themed Grand Rounds are dull will be considered).

I anticipate including all submissions, but reserve editorial judgment.

So, start your keyboards, and let’s have a good one.

Submissions due Monday March 31st, by 3PM your time. (Late entries might be included, but will be abused for tardiness).

Update: PLEASE hit the ‘contact’ tab above and send your submission that way.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds Volume 4:27 « monash medical student

Grand Rounds Volume 4 No. 27 « monash medical student

Welcome to the 183rd edition, or No. 27 of Volume 4 of Grand Rounds. This week, I am honoured to present you the best posts from the medical blogosphere. All submissions have been included.I am a surgically-inclined medical student who someday hopes to a missionary surgeon. As such, i have interspersed amongst the posts some pictures from medical mission field around the world.

A very pretty B&W presentation.

Influenza Flu – Possible Pandemic – Shortage of Ventilators – New York Times

Influenza Flu – Possible Pandemic – Shortage of Ventilators – New York Times

It may sound unthinkable — the idea of denying life support to some people in a public health disaster like an epidemic. But a new report says doctors, health care workers and the public need to start thinking about it.

The headline is misleading; it’s not about choosing who gets a vent (everyone who needs one), it about what to do when they’re all in use, and another is needed: who gets taken OFF the vent?

I sincerely hope I’m never in the position to have to make that decision. Knock on wood, and all that.