Grand Rounds Here Next Week

Yes, I’m the April 1st Host. Couldn’t be happier. Please click the “contact” tab above to submit your link, before Monday the 31st at 3PM your time.

This will stay on top until Grand Rounds, do not adjust your browser. So much for my ‘sticky’ plugin.


  1. Zander S. says:

    I read the information you posted in an earlier thread regarding the event. I was unclear about participation- is there any information you could point to the has details? Thanks; and regret my confusion.

    -Zander S.

  2. From Blogborygmi, who started this whole mess:

    Remember, the target audience here is NOT other medical bloggers, or people in the health care industry. It’s the educated but nonmedical readers coming from general-interest blogs. So write for that audience, if only for this one post (even if your blog is about echocardiography). The idea is to introduce the wider world to the growing medical blogosphere — the doctors, nurses, students, administrators, EMTs, techs, and patients who blog.

    More on style of the opinions pieces: I’m looking for informative, well-argued posts, from diverse political perspectives. One-sided screeds? Not so much (unless it’s really entertaining).

    Two questions that are frequently asked:

    1. Is Grand Rounds just limited to bloggers in the health care field? No — I’ll look at any medical-related post. There are some patient-perspective blogs in particular that I hope submit links. But like I said, the point of Grand Rounds is to promote the nascent medical blogosphere, and submissions from health-related blogs will take priority.

    2. I’m a doctor / nurse / researcher / student / EMT / health care economist / patient who writes mostly about gardening / dating / reality television. Will you link to my post? Maybe. I’ll certainly look at it, if it’s medically related. And very few blogs are 100% medicine. But like I said, submissions from mostly health-focused blogs will take priority.

    It’s the host’s discretion as to what gets included. This week, that’s me. In addition to linking to your posts, I’ll be providing the groan-inducing puns, and snarky comments, that readers have come to expect and dread. It’s nothing personal.