It’s not like on TV

The patient’s first question/statement, while still strapped to the backboard:

“I hope you’re not like the doctors on Scrubs“.

This caused some heartfelt and loud laughter in the room.

I admitted I might be a touch like Dr. Cox, which may or may not have been reassuring.

It’s not like TV, though.  Thank goodness.


  1. If you’re really like Dr. Cox you and I would get along just fine!

  2. I’m a little like Elliot – without the relationship indiscretions… heh.

  3. I’ve had a handful of people tell me I look like JD. Never outside the ER though.

  4. Freddy Hill says:

    Reminds me, in a different kind of way, or Reagan’s “I hope you are all Republican.” You have got to admire a patient with a sense of humor.