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101 Little Known Scholarships for Nurses | NOEDb

101 Little Known Scholarships for Nurses | NOEDb

Here are 101 different scholarships that are out there designed just to help those entering the nursing and healthcare professions. With the cost of education taken care of or reduced, students will be able to concentrate on becoming a caring and competent nurse without the heavy financial burden to distract them.

In my area, the first qualifier might be very applicable.

Crass-Pollination: the Dedication I wish I’d been clever enough to write

Typically I don’t read everything on every blog page (truth be told, I read most blogs by RSS), and only today stumbled across the dedication at the bottom of the Nurse K’s blog:

This blog is dedicated to the men and women responsible for the unfunded legislation known as EMTALA.

Very nice.

paging dr jess: ER vs everyone else: Where’s the love?

paging dr jess: ER vs everyone else: Where’s the love?

I have to say that there is no love between the emergency room and the rest of the hospital.

Interestingly, he sees the light after working in the ED.

Shadowfax goes bald: St Baldricks 2008

True to his pledge, he went bald (temporarily) for a good cause.  Pictures at the link.

St Baldricks 2008

I think he looks a LOT like a Marine recruit.

And, good for you, Shadowfax!

Attention ABEM Diplomates

The 2005 LLSA expires on March 31st.

(If that’s Greek to you, it means you’re not affected.)

Ricin-exposed man out of coma –

Ricin-exposed man out of coma –

(CNN) — A man believed to have been exposed to the deadly poison ricin in a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada, is out of his coma and is being questioned by authorities, FBI Special Agent David Staretz said Friday.

Interesting.  So, either a) he was in a coma for reasons unrelated to ricin exposure, or b) ricin exposure isn’t the 100% lethal it’s touted to be.  I have no idea which.

Yes, indeed it does

Needs no explanation.


Lived to ride another day.

Kevin, MD Does himfself proud: Opinion –

Shortage of primary care threatens health care system – Opinion –

Crippling health care bills, long emergency room waits and the inability to find a primary care physician just scratch the surface of the problems that patients face daily.

A big cheer for Dr. Pho of Kevin, MD!

Wait Time & Delayed Care

A blog by a Canadian Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who’s very into process improvement about waiting times: Wait Time & Delayed Care

It’s a young blog, and worth watching.

when work a holics vacation

Someone is trying to tell me something.

First it’s snow in DFW in March (see prior), now this.

Now its 42 minutes stuck on the good ship Maria in the Pirates of the Carribean. So far. Really.

Update: I was at Disneyland, with my wife and daughter; wife sat this ride out, perhaps she’s prescient. We were in the ‘yo, ho, you, ho, a pirates’ life for me’ segment of the ride when everything came to a stop.

At first no biggie, then we stayed still as more and more people-filled boats piled up behind us. We knew something was wrong, but no big deal. Then, no motion for a long time. I wasn’t timing at that point, but at about 6 or 8 minutes a female voice gave us a “we’ve hit some stormy seas, but we will be moving shortly”. No motion.

At about 15 minutes we’d heard the announcement once or twice, and they mercifully stopped the music. A male voice accidentally said we were having a technical problem (true) and then later gave the ‘stormy seas’ thing (to his credit, then he abandoned the script).

Shortly after we were told that a sensor at the first drop had malfunctioned which had caused the whole ride to stop, and that facilities were/was coming. (Something I cannot figure out: how does any system designer allow one sensor failure upstream to stop all the downstream travel? Is the system that tight? During one announcement they said there were 44 boats holding 22 each, which given the size of the ride I cannot imagine would necessitate stopping all the boats.)

At about 25 minutes in another announcement, and the work lights were turned on. That was a good psychological move, as now we could see a lot more than the standard theatrical lighting, and the kid behind me stopped crying almost immediately. (It wasn’t me, really, but was good for my psychology, too). We could see some walkways not normally visible (pictures to follow if they clean up in photoshop okay), but nothing earthshattering.

Several more announcements, and then it was time.  We were sequentially removed in an orderly fashion onto a landing, then went through a Cast Only area back to the Magic Kingdom.  (My daughter was very happy to personally confirm there’s a Cast Member break room under the Pirates ride, which she’d read on a message board).

Disney was appropriately nice, and they seemed genuinely apologetic, and gave out a fast-pass equivalent for any park ride we wanted (good for that day only, and excluding the new Nemo ride), which we used.

The plane ride home was delayed, but only 45 minutes, so I suppose that’s a win.

Plainly, I shouldn’t vacation.

Spring Forward Tonight

Officially, it happens at 0200, but make sure you do it before you turn in.

I got there fine

More later.

The thrill of modern air travel

Currently I’m stuck on a plane waiting for the airline to stuff this plane to the hills. Bad weather at DFW is causing a chain reaction of flight cancellations, so the airline decided to wait for more passengers to get our 95% full flight up to 100%.

Murphy then stepped in, and broke the APU, causing another delay waiting for maintenance to check it out. The pilot tells us its not a no go item, but still has to be checked before flight.

Did I mention the weather is cold and rainy with occasional sleet? So well get to drive before we go, adding to the fun.

This is after going to the wrong terminal to start the trip, then needing th get back in the car and drive all over DFW. Amusingly, apparently there’s no way to drive straight from terminal C to D. Awesome.

More to follow

Update: the flight crew decided to give away headarts for free, then in the same announcement said “we have only a limited amount, so if you don’t need one don’t take one. Silly. I don’t need one, I have a blog.

Update2: after waiting 30 minutes for an air start vary (because the APu is dead) we started up and taxied. Out, to sit and wait for deicing, which was of course stopped for 30 minutes due to the snow falling faster than the deicing could remove it. Now deicing has resumed, but we don’t know where we are in line.

A couple of observations: every time we make any positive move ygr flight attendants tell us to shut off the electronics, which we all do, until further progress is obviously futile, then they all go back on.

Aldo, and this is going to sound petulant, but were now stick in the middle of an airport because of a decision to intentionally delay this flight to accompfate about 5 people who were bumped from other cancelled flights. A decision made with the knowledge that a snowstorm was coming. Genius.

Ill bet American is really happy with their load factor on this flight to nowhere.

Update3: we’ve been sitting here for 2 hours, and non of the planes have moved. There if a de ice station we can see, which seems to intermittently spray off one plane, which hasn’t moved in two hours.

It looks like this trip is toast, but nobody will make the decision to cancel the flight

I can hear the occasional departure, but its not coming from our line

Update4. Three planes have suddenly left th de ice stand but none are taking their places. Aldo, as there are two lines waiting its hard to tell what is next.

Update 5. A mere 4 1/2 hours after our scheduled departure time were finally being deiced. The pilot tells us we’re going directly to the runway afterward.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds: Vol. 4 No. 24

Grand Rounds Vol. 4 No. 24: New Beginnings – ChronicBabe hosts Grand Rounds blog carnival

It’s not like on TV

The patient’s first question/statement, while still strapped to the backboard:

“I hope you’re not like the doctors on Scrubs“.

This caused some heartfelt and loud laughter in the room.

I admitted I might be a touch like Dr. Cox, which may or may not have been reassuring.

It’s not like TV, though.  Thank goodness.