Shadowfax goes bald: St Baldricks 2008

True to his pledge, he went bald (temporarily) for a good cause.  Pictures at the link.

St Baldricks 2008

I think he looks a LOT like a Marine recruit.

And, good for you, Shadowfax!


  1. He does look like a Marine recruit. He just needs that shocked, far away why-did-I-do-this-stare. Still, looks like a great reason to get your head shaved.

    (Cpl USMC 1985-1989 and proud of it)

  2. One of our son’s doctors deployed to Iraq a couple months ago. His unit ended up shaving thier heads last Sunday, the docs at Walter Reed will be shaving on the 27th.



    (GySgt 0369 1981-2002)