Yes, indeed it does

Needs no explanation.


Lived to ride another day.


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    Keep posting these reminders. Some of us, unfortunately, are SLOW learners!

  2. TheNewGuy says:

    When purchasing a helmet, ask yourself this one simple question… the keep the answer in mind as you shop:

    “What’s my melon worth?”

  3. dagamore says:

    Organ donors should not be allowed to wear skid lids, think of all the lives they could have saved, if he did not have on a brain bucket, all the good he could do.

    Yes that’s sarcasm.

  4. Its amazing to me that people still don’t wear em.

  5. allen,
    nice pic. thanks for your post re our recent mention on NPR. due to the incredibly large audience NPR has our site got 18 extra hits yesterday! we are having fun now railing at them though. hope you are well and thanks for dropping a comment. brain buckets work.

  6. I particularly like the sticker right below the impact point
    “crashing sucks”

  7. … which, of course, was the whole point of your heading. Sorry I’m a bit slow tonight (at lease we’ll pretend it’s just tonight)

  8. I wish the ER would have let me keep my cracked helmet from falling off a horse in August. I wanted to hang it in my bedroom as a reminder.

  9. Love it!

  10. Now if we can get them to wear their leathers, slow down, and take an appropriate motorcycle course…

    But that’s asking too much.

  11. September 12, 2001, I had a similar incident. Can’t remember the three hours before the accident or three days after the accident. My helmet has/had a white stress ring in the occipital area. I sustained multiple fx bones, contusions and general yuckiness. Still feel like about 20% of me is “gone”. But because of the grace of God and my helmet; I still can go to work and pay taxes!


  12. I’ve got the pic of a kid who got stuck on an (active) electric fense while riding a dirt bike (regained consciousness from the shocks!). Chin gaurd was crunched and I was sewing for 2 hours but he kept his head!