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Bring Out yer Dead…Blogs

Yes, it’s that time, when I’m bored and the sidebar of links needs pruning. If you haven’t blogged in three months you’re either incarcerated or you’ve quit blogging (or both).

The following blogs are now moved to the ‘dead blogs’ list:

There are still a lot of terrific blogs, and feel free to send me a link to yours if I don’t already have it (send it through the contact form, please, and not the comments).

I’m going to miss some of those a lot.

Aggravated DocSurg: We Don’t Speak the Same Lingo

Aggravated DocSurg: We Don’t Speak the Same Lingo


I finally thought of a meme

I got tagged with the six-word meme plague recently, and couldn’t think of one, unti it just occurred to me today while driving home (and it’s weird, as I wasn’t even thinking about it consciously):

When your emergency happens, I’m ready.

Yes, the contraction is cheating.  I can live with it.