Dang it, I just caused a problem…

I’m right now having some fogged windows replaced at the house.  Being a naturally curious sort, I asked about the sealant being used to secure the new windows to the frames.

It’s this stuff, which the friendly window guy didn’t know a lot about, except that it’s what they use, and “it’s strong”.

I’m exactly the kind of dork who, after reading about it, tells him a little about it (apparently is strong enough to bind the universe, can be applied in sub-freezing temps, etc).

10 minutes later I overhear him telling his co-worker: ‘hey, remember that job the other guys wouldn’t do because it was too cold?  Well, the homeowner looked up this caulk and it can be applied in sub freezing temperatures“.  Oy.  I’ve caused a problem for others, and didn’t even mean to.

The good news?  These windows have a 20 year warranty, so it’ll be a while before I cause this particular company more problems…


  1. “Oy. I’ve caused a problem for others, and didn’t even mean to.”

    You made me smile. Thanks.

  2. Nurse 1961 says:

    No you didn’t cause a problem for others, you actually will help other homeowners with foggy windows get them replaced in all kinds of weather.

    So you have increased this guy’s business opportunities.

    Did you ask for cut for doing the research?