Health Management Rx: Maryland Gets Million+ to Reroute “Unnecesary ER Visits”

Health Management Rx: Maryland Gets Million+ to Reroute “Unnecesary ER Visits”

Interesting: pay a group to keep people out of the ER, without actually specifying how they’re going to do it(but giving them legal cover to try).

It bears watching.


  1. Nurse 1961 says:

    There are many patients that don’t need to be in the ED. Toothache, medication refill, cold symptoms.

    One way to reduce the use of the ED for non-emergent patients is to have a clinic that these people can be referred too from triage. Open at least from 11 am to 2 am but 24 hours would be better, this would relieve some of the pressure on the overcrowding on the ED.

  2. Gruntdoc-

    Thanks for posting…will be interesting to see how this goes down in MD – hope to see more docs tracking developments there.

    Best –

  3. mottsapplesauce says:

    Why can’t the non-emergencies be treated at urgent care clinics? Will they be turned away & have to wait to make an appt with their PCP? We have several urgent care clinics here & of the few times I’ve had to use them, I’ve never even seen them turn away a kid with a cold.

  4. TheNewGuy says:

    Yeah… but urgent-care and walk-in clinics require payment up-front. How many of your chronic ER abusers are going to do that?

  5. I would like to just have a way of tracking/flagging these types of visits so that they can get a nice friendly letter to tell them to quit wasting tax payer money – i.e. c/c “hurt wrist”, duration “15 mins”, injury? “none”, have you tried any otc medication, ice or elevation? “no” – Take some ibuprofen and save the taxpayers $600 next time.

    After tracking the wasteful visits, maybe we can send the info to the legislature and/or media to create public pressure for some real reform in the health care system.