My HS Band & Orchestra director elected to the Texas Bandmasters’ Hall of Fame

I’m sure it was my bass trombone and string bass playing in the early 80’s that put him over the top.


>> During Charles Nail’s 17-year tenure as band and orchestra director at Permian High, the bands and orchestras won the Texas State Marching Band contest in 1982 and finished second three other times. It was selected five times for the finals competition.

>> The Permian band was also selected as the Texas State Honor Band and was never awarded less than a superior rating in every contest and festival it entered during his time there, the biography says.

>> The Permian Orchestra was twice chosen as the Texas State Honor Orchestra and also was invited to perform at the prestigious Mid-West Band and Orchestra Clinic/Convention in 1985.

This leaves out the Marine helo pilot role in Vietnam.  True, that’s not musical, but it will give you some insight into how he ran his bands.  It was a formative chunk of my life, and I owe him a debt of gratitude.


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    Your Mom and Dad are most proud of your accomplishments under the leadership of this fine man.
    Mrs. Fred

  2. Aerospace Genius says:


    Mr. Nail certainly deserves to be honored, but this falls short of what he really deserves. He had a strongly positive effect on my life and thousands more.

    The big lessons he taught had nothing to do with music and everything to do with becoming a responsible, dedicated, and determined person. The accomplishments were a natural result of that. He showed us what cumulative progress can do and expected nothing less than the best performance we were capable of, which made us reach beyond our self-imposed limitations. It seemed like a painful education at the time, but looking back, that paved the way for many other accomplishments later in life.

  3. Beary Potter says:

    As an observer in Texas Stadium SEVERAL times of the Permian MOJO Band … as the multitudes of photos showed … I was extremely impressed with not only the sound and precision, but the confidence, friendliness, and character of each and every band member on the field and in the stands. What wonderful memories for members, parents, family, and friends and what a terrific honor for this more than deserving man!

  4. Nurse 1961 says:

    Well the band is shaping up, we have “Andy” on woodwind and now “Allen” on brass.

    All we need is a little percussion and a few high pitch woods and you can have a MD band.