Never Distract Your Barber

I’m learning things as I mature. Such is the experience of a remarkably close haircut.

You’d not be surprised to learn that, like the rest of my life, my hair style is no nonsense and low maintenance. The usual cut involves the electric clipper with guards of a couple of single-digit sizes, and it doesn’t take long.

Most recently I was settling in to get my usual trim, and, also as usual was making small talk with my barber of several years. I watched her attach the guard, and usually she starts with the sides. This time, the top was the starting place, and big chunks of hair started falling. It was too late at that point to do anything other than wait for the realization to come.

She was very apologetic. I got a nice, very short, haircut. I look a touch like a graying tennis ball, and I learned a lesson: don’t distract people when they’re thinking.


  1. Buy your own clipper and do it yourself. It’s easy.

  2. For a while I let my wife do my haircuts. Big mistake. She went from that 2 on the sides right over the top. Apparently something on TV had distracted her. I now pay good money for my haircuts!

  3. For some reason women love rubbing my head. While you’re not quite as sexy as I, you may have similar luck…

  4. What, no photo? I’m so disappointed! :)

  5. Nurse 1961 says:

    Saves money on shampoo and I think you could leave off the conditioner too at least for a couple of weeks.

    You should be able to save enough money to buy another gallon of gas. But not enough for a gallon of diesel, for that you will have to go down to the slicks.

  6. Beary Potter says:

    Ah, a summer haircut… if the spring “cool” weather leaves, the warm will be here quickly and that cut may be really appreciated! I bet you look great!