Newsweek: Top 10 First Aid Mistakes Thank heavens for emergency rooms. But sometimes the first aid measures taken on the scene before a patient arrives at the hospital can make all the difference, especially if the ER is crowded. (On average you’ll wait 45 minutes before seeing a doctor, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and longer in urban centers.)

We asked two experts, Dr. Tom Scaletta, the outgoing president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, and Denise King, president of the Emergency Nurses Association, to identify the 10 most common first aid mistakes—and what you should do instead.

Not bad as generic advice goes; interesting that all but one end in “go to the ER”. Even the one that needs a dentist.


  1. agreed on the avulsed tooth — they got it right with put it in milk or saline (just needed a reasonable buffered solution) and don’t scrub it but the truth is that if the tooth isn’t implanted after 90minutes the chance of survival is close to nil. Even after 30min it sucks so unless you’re wait time is very low for a knocked out tooth the patients is better of at the dentist (do you have to report your door-to-tooth time yet?)

  2. ER are very much of help but how if there is always maximum facility available in ambulance or other transfer vehicle used from accident site till Hospital. I think it would solve lots of problems and save life.


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