The humor behind health care reform – Medical Economics

Dr. Leap is getting even more famous!

The humor behind health care reform – This doctor’s tongue-in-cheek rallying cry is steeped in undeniable truth. – Medical Economics

I was buried in a sea of charts when a colleague joined me in the physicians’ lounge. We joked about our frustrations with paperwork and patients, while somberly agreeing that medicine’s in a bad way and physicians are more and more dissatisfied.

At the same time, we recognized that many of our problems are self-induced, stemming from doctors’ tendency to ignore fundamental truths. So I set out to compile a list of what we need to remember—truths that often go unnoticed while physicians utter empty words about professionalism, duty, and healing.

The Protestant Reformation began with Martin Luther’s theses. I’m not Luther, and my “undeniable truths” may not be nailed to a church door. But they could be the stirrings of a healthcare reformation.


Go, read, and comprehend!


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    This civilian says it all makes sense — and they all sound like things you would tell me — if I asked.