There Are Days… : PANDA BEAR, MD

There Are Days… : PANDA BEAR, MD
My Good Friends and Patient Readers,

I’ve decide to stop blogging.

Phooey.  He’s been one of the best writers in the medical blogosphere.  I did wonder how he could keep up the vouminous and well-done output, and now we know.

Panda, you’ll be missed.  Please visit when you feel like it.


  1. Man…

  2. TheNewGuy says:

    I’ll miss Doc Panda.

  3. I can’t help but feel sad as well, when a great writer just quits. One writers said they just didn’t have time, what with computer games and all. There must be more worthy pursuits!

  4. Panda, and now Dr Sanity as well in hiatus, futz.

  5. Did he removed all his old posts, too? I get a 404 Not Found message when I click on the links. His blog was once the only one I read . I’m happy for him if he’s moved on to bigger & better things and hope newer students can benefit from his practical widsom.

  6. Um, that should read “Did he remove all his old posts…” But you knew that, already.


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