Archives for June 4, 2008


Valued Readers (all 9 of you),

I went on vacation, and due to a lot of things (mostly sloth, but work and weird politics at work) didn’t tell you in advance.  I profusely apologize.

I appreciate the ONE of you readers (1/9th) who wrote inquiring as to my health, and I thank Kevin (way too busy to read this blog) for answering my email and posting that I was on vacation.

To Disneyland.  It was great.  And, we looked at a couple more colleges for my daughter; maybe more later.

Anyway, back.  Unscheduled posts of marginal entertainment to follow, irregularly.

John Wayne Orange County airpo…

John Wayne Orange County airport (SNA) is the best SoCal airport. Beats LAX hands down.

Travelling home today. Short b…

Travelling home today. Short but very entertaining vacation.

California Screamin’. Too fun …

California Screamin’. Too fun for words.

Soarin California as a single …

Soarin California as a single rider in about 15 minutes. Perfect.