I have a dilemma

Good news: my neighbors now have one fewer skunk.
Bad news: his demise came under my new car (he zigged, I zagged to miss: didn’t work out well).

The dilemma: will my car get salmonella with tomato juice?

Update: no chemicals necessary; the heat under the car dissipated the odor after about 3 days.


  1. The fragrance of Pepe Le Pew versus salmonella. Oh, the decisions we have to make!

  2. Similar accident happened to fellow twit symtym last week. Must be something about ER docs, their cars & skunks.

    The salmonella reference was too cryptic. Or is there some (convoluted) connection?!

    [GD – Vijay: in the US there has been a (relative) tomato shortage due to salmonella contamination of commercially produced tomatoes, something about contaminated washers.]

  3. hmm… Have to brush up my html skills. I guess I’m becoming too used to the WYSIWYG editors ;)

  4. Mrs. Fred says:

    Tomato juice qualifies as COOKED tomatoes.

  5. I know about the tomato shortage & salmonella (from medblogs). I didn’t get the connection to skunks & cars. Does washing with tomato juice get rid of / overpower the stink?

  6. No, but the acid will turn your lithium batteries into lithium aluminum hydride. Stay out of the rain. :)

  7. To those wondering, tomato juice is supposed to get rid of the smell. I’ve never tried it but have a friend who swears by it when his dog gets sprayed.

    The most obvious logical answer to this is to import tomatoes from china, wash, rinse, repeat as needed.

  8. Aerospace Genius says:


    The veterinarian in the house reports that the Mythbusters’ custom concoction works well on dogs. Presumably it would work as well on machinery.

  9. Lady Doc says:


  10. Nurse 1961 says:

    Have had too much experience with this subject. Tomato juice works OK on objects, but not on long hair dogs. Warm water with dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda mixed together in a paste left on for about 30 minutes then washed off works about the best.

    Our dog Maxx, has found two nests of skunks near our house. He had killed most of them and brought several home to show us his “prize”.

    Several years ago Steve killed a skunk near our garage where the dog had it cornered. It had sprayed the dog and the cement retaining wall. Tomato juice worked on the wall but not on the dog.

    We call these “farm kitty’s”.

    The spray has an oil in it that is hard to brake loose, that is why it is hard to get off animals and people.

    I think the car might make it, but you will be very sensitive to the smell for years.