John Wayne Orange County airpo…

John Wayne Orange County airport (SNA) is the best SoCal airport. Beats LAX hands down.


  1. Captain Sunshine says:

    Do they still pop the clutch on takeoff? My first “noise abatement takeoff” was at John Wayne. That was a little different …

    Glad you had some vacation time.


  2. Oh no no no.

    John Wayne IS beter than LAX, but next time, try to fly into Long Beach. Dallas does have direct flights there (and cheap too!!) Parking is $0.50 a day, and there are only 4 terminals.

    Long Beach is sincerely awesome.

  3. I second Jake’s comment on Long Beach. LGB makes flying a breeze, the only thing easier is landing in your own backyard.

  4. Jim in Texas says:

    My friend runs TSA there, I sent him a link to your comments.