My wife got a dental implant t…

My wife got a dental implant today. Frankly, I always thought if I were to spend a lot of money on implants, they wouldn’t be dental.


  1. LMAO GD. But as she walks down the street and all the guys are staring at her teeth you’ll know she chooses you.

  2. TheNewGuy says:

    What about an implant for yourself?

  3. After working for a year for a trio of oral surgeons, I can tell you the markups on those implants are ridiculous. It’s the new way to go for people who are looking to be considered “doctors” and still make the ridiculous amounts of money. All without the monotony that is dentistry (no disrespect to any dentists).

  4. LOL!! Never say never, GD..there’s still time to buy a new set.

  5. By being implanted in bone, implants are self supporting structures, which are independent of adjacent teeth. The implant platform serves as a secure “root” for a new dental crown, or to attach wider types of dental restorations, such as implant-supported bridges or dentures.

    Like any strong partner, implants are also protective, and take an increased share of occlusal loading away from their natural neighbours.