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Toyota’s Prius Becomes a Southern Belle | Autopia from

Toyota’s Prius Becomes a Southern Belle | Autopia from
The SUV is dead and Toyota can’t build Prius hybrids fast enough, so it’s suspending production of big trucks and will build the Prius in Mississippi at a plant that was slated to produce SUVs.

Not until 2010, but it looks like Toyota is betting fuel isn’t going down, and they’re going to give up on the Big Truck market, or at least give up their push to displace one of the Big Three.

Movin’ Meat: Clout

Movin’ Meat: Clout

Shadowfax is correct here: Organized Medicine has no clout.  The ablilty to ride the coat-tails of politically popular programs, yes, but no actual clout.

Read Movin’ Meat should you disagree.

Change of Shift: Volume Three, No. 1 // Emergiblog

Change of Shift: Volume Three, No. 1 // Emergiblog
This edition of Change of Shift marks the beginning of its third year.

In celebration, I asked nurse bloggers to send in their first posts and tell us a bit about why they started blogging.

I was surprised at how long some of my colleagues have been writing about their nursing adventures, sharing their lives and opinions.

Many thanks to all the bloggers, nursing and otherwise, who have supported CoS over the last two years and to all who have hosted the carnival.

Let’s get started!

And many happy returns!


Doctors worried by Supreme Court gun ruling | U.S. | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Last month’s Supreme Court ruling striking down a strict gun control law in the U.S. capital will lead to more deaths and accidental injuries, the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine said on Wednesday.

They joined a growing clamor from medical doctors, especially emergency room physicians, who fear a surge of accidental deaths, murders and suicides if handguns become more easily available than they already are.

Huh?  I’m on the email lists for the two major EM organizations, and none of them have said a word about it.  Oh, there’s one quote from one EM doc at the end of their article (and the NEJM, which has always been for gun control is quoted, again shockingly still for gun control) but there’s been no “increasing clamor” from EM docs about this.

Another reporter writing what they want, despite the facts.