Blogborygmi Passes the Torch

Grand Rounds: Change of the Guard

When this series started, the word “blogger” was just entering the public consciousness. The value of healthcare blogs — to entertain, inform, and improve understanding — this was clear to us, but we weren’t really sure if anyone outside our group would ever notice.

Two hundred weeks later, every major media site has a blog on medicine and health, the industry is paying to access what physicians write online, and the transparency of blogging is transforming healthcare from the ground up (or, in some cases, from the top down).

Healthcare bloggers now have access to figures like the Surgeon General or AMA president. Healthcare bloggers write op-eds for major papers, appear on TV, and publish books.

Grand Rounds, I think, has had a role in this. …

He thinks correctly.

Please go and read it all.  I won’t steal the end, but it appears Nick has chosen worthy successors and I look forward to a continuation of Grand Rounds, whatever its direction.

Nick Genes is as talented a blogger as there is, and Grand Rounds has been his baby from the beginning.  He’s shown remarkable patience with its growing pains (and didn’t tell me to be quiet when I griped about ‘themed’ rounds), in short he was just the leader the time and situation needed.  I look forward to his EM graduation so we can have more of his time as a blogger (darned Chief Residency lifestyle…).

GruntDoc wouldn’t be anywhere without Nick and Grand Rounds; the exposure of contributing early and often drove up my traffic to all 9 of you, and I have Nick to thank for that, too.

Thanks Nick, for letting me participate, and for keeping the best medical blog carnival rolling along!


  1. We will carry the torch high, GD. Colin is handling the pre-rounds interviews and the bulk of the scheduling (yeah, like any good attending, I’ve scutted him out) and I’m going to put my mind to PR and getting higher visibility for Grand Rounds. Stay tuned… more goodness to come…