Happy Birthday Lauren! (And a good-wishes request)

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

She’s in-hospital right now, at 32 weeks with pre-eclampsia (she’s fine, but they’re monitoring her very closely).  If you have time, would you send her best wishes in the comments?

Update 7-6; home, for now.


  1. Happy Birthday Lauren! We’re all thinking of you!

  2. docandchief says:

    A very happy birthday, and prayers for you on your birthday AND upcoming birth day.

  3. Happy birthday, best wishes, and hang in there! Pre-eclampsia can’t be much fun, but here’s hoping things go smoothly and the weeks fly by.

  4. Happy Birthday, Lauren. Hope all goes well.

  5. Mrs. Fred says:

    Our best to you — today and in the near future!
    The Pholks

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Lauren! Here’s to a few more weeks till the next big birthday in the family!

  7. Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!

  8. Have a wonderful Birthday Lauren!

    From the Southern Cone

  9. Happy birthday and best wishes from ohio!!

  10. happy birthday to you! from indiana! i am wishing you the best, also for your little one. our picture is adorable!:) keeping you both in my prayers!

  11. Steve Lucas says:

    All the best, now and in the future!

    Steve Lucas

  12. Happy birthday, and best wishes.

  13. Based on that picture, she looks a little big for 32 weeks. Are you sure they got the dates right?

    JK, Wishing you the best.


  14. Happy birthday Lauren. Best wishes for pulling along for a few more weeks.

  15. Best wishes for an easy delivery, a healthy baby, and a quick return home!

  16. We’re thinking of you! Best wishes.

  17. Beary Potter says:

    Keeping you and your family in our hearts and prayers. Have a Happy Birthday and rest … while you can!

  18. Dear Lauren,

    Happy Birthday to you, and I wish you the very best for the happy birthday that’s coming soon.

  19. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Happy birthday!

  20. Have a wonderful birthday, Lauren and let the hospital staff spoil you as much as possible! Good luck with the future baby in your life. Seems like a trouble maker already!

  21. Happy Birthday, Lauren. Enjoy it, as it is likely to be your last “quiet” one for a while.

  22. AuntSusie says:

    May that new baby be as cute a toddler as you were, and have hilariously fun birthdays with you in the coming years.luv,auntsusie

  23. Husband / Daddy says:

    So I need to say thank you for Lauren and give my appreciation to the Nurses at our Hospital. The night nurses went and purchased a card, balloons and a small cake for her. They get an amazing job of helping to make her feel special on her day, even though she wanted to be somewhere else.

    Not taking away from the Doctor either, she has also done a wonderful, wonderful job.

    Thanks medical professionals :)

  24. Hang in there Lauren, and have a great birthday.

  25. Lauren,

    Happy Birthday from South Carolina! Children are the greatest thing in the whole world…I have four, and they are the lights of my life.

    You’re in my prayers. Be well! God bless you and your family.


  26. Keeping you in our prayers! Happy BIRTHday.

  27. acne-care> says:

    she is a very cute kid :)

  28. Feliz Cumpleaños, Lauren!! Mejórate pronto :)

  29. Happy Birthday Lauren!

    I’m keeping you in my thoughts. Pre-e sucks! And so does being stuck in the prison hospital. If ever I thought I would die from boredom it was while waiting for my daughter to be born while an inmate in the “Family Birthing Center Prison” as I renamed it. It’s all worth it though, soon you will have a beautiful baby :D

  30. Any news on Lauren? Hope all is well.