The MedGadget guys have the courage of their blogging convictions, and have started a new site focused on medical politics:

MedPolitics is a blogging platform and a social network maintained for and by US physicians. Our primary focus is on the politics of healthcare. If you are an American doctor who feels strongly about the challenges our profession is facing, consider to join our community.


Yes, if you’re a physician, and are interested in blogging there, join up!


I’m on the fence about joining, and not because of Dr. Ostrovsky or any of the MedGadget folks, it’s just that I have so little to fill this blog I don’t know if I should dilute what little output I have now.  Time will tell.


Best of luck to MedPolitics!


  1. Oh, I’m so there.

    Who’s surprised?

  2. Shadowfax,
    I have to say, I read that and thought of you.