Top Gear

I’m late to the party (surprise), but the BBC America series Top Gear is required watching for any car enthusiast.  I laughed out loud.


  1. Kypdurron5 says:

    It really is fantastic; I’ve worked my way backward through season 6 so far.

  2. I’ve been a fan ever since they built, and launched, a “space shuttle” out of a small car, and managed to get it several hundred meters in the air. I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. The trip from Florida to Texas in $1000 cars was equally risible.

  3. arthritis-treatments says:

    Top Gear is a really nice show.

  4. My teenaged boys are completely devoted to this show, and it is fun to watch. As if I’d get to watch anything else anyway…

  5. Best car show that just recently made it to TV. Would I be wrong in saying I downloaded every episode over the last few years because I could not get it on cable