Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: California Senate Approves “Donda West Law”

Dumbest legislative response to a medical malpractice misadventure, maybe ever:

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: California Senate Approves “Donda West Law”

Yes, an H&P would have changed the outcome.  Dumb.


  1. I happened to be present when this Bill was being heard by Senate Health. Alas, common sense cannot be legislated. Are we going to have an “H and P ” police? Do we really believe that now that we have this law, that the corner cutters out there are going to stop cutting corners?
    Me thinks that one of the reasons that folks in the cosmetic surgery business want their own surgery centers is to be free from the oversight of others!

  2. Corey Anderson says:

    You know I don’t have much to say but, ignorance only takes us so far. I think when we as people stop being ignorant to things, and voicing our opinions, like they truly matter thats when we become better people. If you read on the Law you will see that, this is not saying that the law will prohibit this from happening again, just as a seat belt law, and domestic violence laws will stop the death rate of accidents and domestic violence. All this law is saying is that it will make physicians think twice before operating on patience without knowing their medical history. Lets start educating ourselves and gather knowledge, and stop being ignorant, but I think most of stop HATING

  3. 1. ASCs and office surgery suites should be accredited. Anyone who has surgery at a non accredited facility is plain dumb.
    2. Facility accreditation requires H & Ps.
    3. If there is no H & P and there is a serious complication, the surgeon’s ass is grass since they will be sued.
    4. Having a law does not mean it will be done.

    Seat belt law….analogous to H & P law. ?enforcement a fine for every surgery that does not have an H P.

    If your legislator signed this, you ought to write him (off). You can check on this.
    This is what we pay taxes for.

    I am going to have to write an editorial to my news paper about this one.

  4. This is just crazy to me. What else are they gonna have to make a law to ensure that health professionals are doing the right thing? Initial health assessments? These are things that should be readily done. It is sad that someone had to lose their life because of someone else’s incompetence.

  5. There should be law for the surgery. I happened to be present when this Bill was being heard by Senate Health. Alas, common sense cannot be legislated.If your legislator signed this, you ought to write him (off). You can check on this.This is what we pay taxes for.

  6. Yes… it might seem silly or redundant to enact such laws as
    stopping at a red traffic light (anyone should know that if they have a driving license right?)… but these laws are passed so that there is legal precedent to pursue punishment or restitution. The controversial issues regarding cosmetic surgery goes far deeper… it seems that any dermatologist, gynecologist, radiologist, GP or PA can become an instant “plastic surgeon” by attending a few liposuction conferences. (It took me longer as a child to master sipping milk out of a straw than some of these doctors spend “mastering” liposuction!) It is my opinion that the Medical Boards, as well as the Plastic Surgery Board has left the consumer to fend for themselves… as if cosmetic surgery is like having a manicure. Are we surprised when things like what happened to Donda West occur? It’s time to take plastic surgery out of the money-filled play pen and put it back with the serious and qualified surgeons who have spent years in residency “practicing” their skills. It’s time to stop the commercialized, inflated and fraudulent cosmetic surgery ads that entice the unwitting public into gambling with their lives all for the sake of a sexy stomach or more defined chin lines.

  7. It’s interesting to hear responses, positive and negative, to the veto of this law. Whether or not people agree with the proposed “Donda West law” cosmetic surgery patients should not simply be blamed and written off. Patient safety and education are important issues and maybe just the fact that this law has sparked so much conversation is worth it.

  8. There should be routine regulatory onsite reviews of outpatient surgery clinics. No H & P’s- a fine? No… how about suspending the physicians license to practice and/or closing down the clinic until it complies? Fines don’t protect the public from continued negligent healthcare services… neither do civil lawsuits that allow physicians to “pay and go”. It’s obviously time to demand that medical regulatory bodies be held responsible for repeat offenders and stop allowing the medical community to “self-regulate”. I mean what’s with the fact that a physician can nearly kill a patient in one state, lose his/her
    license and then acquire another license in a different state?
    Is that ludicrous or what?!!!!

  9. “Pay and go…”

    Are you kidding me? There’s no such thing. Suits are painful and expensive. Every single doc will go a long way out of their way to avoid a suit. It’s not a traffic ticket, it’s a chance to lose literally everything, every time.

    The days of loose licensing are gone (California is one of the three hardest states to get a license in, the others being Texas and Florida, I hear), and while it was a disgrace that disciplined docs could just change states, if a doc is credentialed at a real hospital today they’ve been very heavily vetted. I don’t know if the same can be said for surgery centers: I have no experience there.

    Lastly, if it’s not an emergent, life-or-death situation, ask questions: training, licensure, experience, etc. Don’t assume a nice office means competence (or the obverse).

  10. Extruded tubes says:

    Cosmetic surgery has become all the rage of a generation; enticing patients with its promise of prolonged youth and beauty. For many, such surgery means an end to a lifetime of low self-esteem and unrealized dreams of looking a certain way. For others, cosmetic surgery means an opportunity to turn back the clock and revisit a time when unwrinkled skin and prominent cheekbones told of our youth.

    No matter what our reasons for embarking on cosmetic surgery, one thing is clear; it is imperative that we understand the cosmetic surgery procedure and costs prior to surgery. An educated patient is an empowered patient; it is essential that any elective surgery be researched thoroughly.

    Part of learning about the cosmetic surgery procedure and costs is finding out about the surgeon you have chosen to perform your surgery. Never choose a cosmetic surgeon based solely on price. An inexpensive surgery will mean nothing if you have a lifetime of scarring or health problems after having been exposed to a disreputable doctor. Cosmetic surgery procedure and costs do not necessarily go hand in hand. Research the credentials of any surgeon you are considering; speak with other patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery with this particular doctor; in short, do your homework.

    After finding the most reputable, experienced, and skilled surgeon to perform your surgery, the next step in learning about cosmetic surgery procedures and costs is educating yourself on what to expect. Speak with your surgeon – as well as other patients who have been through the particular cosmetic surgery you have elected – to make sure you understand what you will experience before, during, and after your cosmetic surgery. Educate yourself on the healing process and those things you can do to ensure a fast and healthy recovery. Additionally, be sure you understand the risks associated with cosmetic surgery and learn what to look for to protect yourself from infection while recovering.

    One of the things most people are concerned with when exploring cosmetic surgery procedures and costs is the price associated with cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can be expensive and, because it is an elective surgery, is often not covered by insurance carriers. Be sure to check with your health insurance company to determine if any or part of your cosmetic surgery is approved for coverage. Do not let price stand in the way of having the best surgeon you can find perform your cosmetic surgery. There are financing options available – through financial institutions and often through the surgeon’s office itself – that can help you pay for cosmetic surgery.

    Cosmetic surgery procedures and costs can be overwhelming to understand. But if you take the time to do your research, you’ll be in the best position to receive affordable, safe, and, ultimately successful, cosmetic surgery.


  1. Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: California Senate Approves Donda West Law…

    Dumbest legislative response to a medical malpractice misadventure, maybe ever….

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