I’m not dead yet

An update.

My DSL woes continue, though the AT&T people are really trying to figure it out.  One fellow in particular has made it his challenge to fix it, which is great, except as it’s an intermittent problem nobody knows what to fix.

Through a series of fiddles we’ve discovered that if my speed is limited to about 540 down it’ll stay connected, which is nice, but is less than half what worked 3 weeks ago.  We finally thought to ask today and the next door neighbors are having the same problems, too, so now maybe we can get them to look outside the house (where the one phone plugged into a jack now has 2 dsl filters on it).

I am researching other alternatives, but really hope we can find the problem and get my very cheap DSL fixed and not have to return to the really terrific but expensive wireless internet.

In other news, we’re gearing up for the arrival of an EMR in our ED, complete with CPOE in the ED right from the start; it’s described as being like starting a new job: you know what to do but you have to learn how it’s done here.

Back soon.


  1. Hope they’re able to figure out the DSL deal. CPOE, huh? Good luck with that. Our hospital is still about 5 years away from that. But, still, I’ve been on some site visits to other hospitals with physician order entry. The transition is tough, but when completed, it works pretty good.

  2. EMR with CPOE on day one is way worse than starting a new job… Sorry about that.

  3. I suspect a grounding problem at the network interface. Especially in areas with dry sandy soils, typical crappy ground rod installations can go from near-zero ohms as designed to several thousand ohms at a whim. It might not surprise me that the neighbors are having similar problems. Rain/humidity/lawn watering can all improve the situation, temporarily.

    The DSL filters do not protect the DSL: they protect the voice from the *intrusion* of DSL. The second filter is not performing magic. It’s the equivalent of a magnetic bracelet for arthritis.

  4. TheNewGuy says:

    Wait a second… you’re telling me that I could have gotten through medical school without my Q-ray bracelet?

  5. Nurse 1961 says:

    Not only CPOE but you get to do the D/C instructions, too. Good Luck with those. My job easier, but your job harder.

    See you midnight on October 3rd.


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