One reason blogging’s been light

Is my DSL connection.

This is the PingPlotter visual (red = no connection)

You can see the problem (that’s about 48 hours there in the picture).  My connection time is spent doing things I have to get done.

We’ve had the DSL techs out twice.  The first one pronounced us to have ‘too much line noise’, disconnected some things, and that didn’t fix it.  Tech 2 cut the speeds in half and replaced the modem, which didn’t help, either.

We noticed a few days ago that phone calls would just drop in mid-word, and a call to the ‘voice’ people resulted in a different test, which apparently says there’s a problem with the wires outside the house, and in typical AT&T fashion someone would be out in the next 72 hours.  No idea when, just in the next 3 days.

My guess is an intermittent short or a wire breakage that moves in the wind, so it acts normally sometimes but not others (like in medicine, intermittent things can be very hard to diagnose).

Hopefully, this’ll get fixed soon.  In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.


  1. Sounds like a problem some friends of mine had. Turned out to be squirrel damage to an outside line. I hope they can fix yours as well as they fixed my friends’. (Well, until the squirrel gets bored again.)

  2. North-central Texas- same symptoms, Squirrl damage.

    Still anecdotal but a trend?

  3. Talk amongst ourselves….?

    Can you give us a topic….?