The Happy Hospitalist: The Culture Of Fear

The Happy Hospitalist: The Culture Of Fear

Read the post, but at the end he’s found a very interesting development about the Joint (heh) Comission and their certifying authority…

What kinda skinny dogs are those, anyway?  Does he feed them?


  1. Cute pups, in a strange sorta way. And re: the healthcare mess — dude, wouldja believe that I just walked away from my good-paying healthcare administration job? I’ve got to do something else — something HAPPY, and with waaaaay less bureaucracy, regulation, oversight, and paperwork. As I noted in my comment over at the Hospitalist, it was HIPAA that finally pushed me over the edge.

  2. I feel beaten down by the docu-police. I do what I can all the while realizing it will never be enough. Not sure what will need to happen before things change.

    Those pups are Whippets. They resemble a mini greyhound. Very nice, fun, sweet comical dogs. Very fast at a run too.

  3. Bemused. Actually, they are Italian Greyhounds, one step below the whippet in size. Cooper the Third(12 pounds) is the grey one. He’s 4 1/2 years old. Marty Moose is the white one (9 pounds). He’s Five. Cooper had his third seizure this year. We are taking him in to see if his lytes are all ok. Seizures do run in the breed, so I’m sure it’s just that. New onset epilepsy. Poor thing gets so scared when they happen. They are one of the most lovable and cuddly breeds out there. Very hard for them to potty train us. But they succeeded. They are indoor dogs and need constant attention/love. They get their feelings hurt very easily. Like little kiddies. We leave food out 24 hours a day and they eat what they want. I have lots of pics/videos on my site. We love them as part of our family.