Tundra Medicine Dreams: Moving. Ugh.

Tundra Medicine Dreams: Moving. Ugh.

…By October 1st Jody and I will be in Anchorage, hopefully picking up my new (to me) car, and then going to see the orthopedic surgeon about hopefully replacing my hip…

A prolific and excellent medblogger has a shift in her life.  Hows about a comment there (not here) wishing her good luck?


  1. Great job! We physicians need to keep connected and you have moved the conversation forward. But why are there so few blogs concerning the business of running a practice? That’s why I started my blog at http://www.UltimatPracticeBuilder.com. I hope I live up to the high standards you have set.
    David Zahaluk, MD
    Founder MIP Practice Performance

  2. Sorry, I misquoted my blog address. It’s actually http://www.ultimatepracticebuilder.com/admin/blog.php for those who share my interest in practice building.