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Do any of you know the answer to the following?

I want to attach a network switch at a location remote from my wireless router.  Would a wireless adapter plugged into a switch work, or no?

Update: I didn’t give nearly enough info initially, so here’s what I have:.  In one end of the house is my internet connection, going through a Linksys wireless router.  I have the router attached to a set of Netgear powerline ethernet adapters, as the wireless signal on the other end of the house is very very low.

I tried putting a linksys 5port switch on the Remote Netgear adapter, and nothing will connect through it, though the hardware will connect when plugged directly into the netgear wireline adapter.  I have about 4 things in that room I want to attach to the network, by the way.

I threw out the wireless adapter thing as a SWAG, but wonder if I need to attach a router to the netgear wireline adapter (instead of the switch) to make that work?

Update2: The Denoument of Stupid.  My original setup works.  Switch ok attached to the Netgear adapter.  Apologies to all, thanks for the suggestions.