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For Sale: Revolution Health

Why is Steve Case’s online health venture already looking to sell itself, just a year and a half after it launched? Yet another tale of hubris in the e-health sector.

John Grohol at has a very good post about the problems of medical startups on the web.  It’s well written and informative, including his perspective from having been in the same boat before.

I do think he’s missed the other act of hubris, that fundamental change in our medical system can be brought about by a company with a professional website, writers with credentials, etc.  That’s good for entertainment, so far as it goes, but it’s not a terrifically efficient way to shape healthcare policy.  (The New York Times has all those things, works hard to affect policy, and is not very effective at getting their ideas enacted as national policy.  Also, the NYT has deep pockets and has been engaged in the arena for a very long time, demonstrating the long time horizon necessary to have influence).

This puts Dr. Val’s blog homelessness into perspective (but I wonder what’s to become of some of the others)?

Naughty Radiology Tech

Well, I learn something new every day from blogging. Thanks to TBTAM for the wart therapy tip: pregnancy can cure warts? I’m not sure if I’m THAT desperate yet. And what would I say to my child – yeah, daddy and I didn’t really want to have a kid, we just wanted to cure our plantar wart? Lol.

Here’s an ER themed cartoon for you trauma folks. Enjoy!