MedBlogs Grand Rounds 5:1

Kicking off the Fifth Year of Grand Rounds is one of Medblogging’s brightest lights, Dr. Val Jones, of Revolution Health.  Except it’s not there, and it’s not at her new place (not open for blogging yet), which begat the clever decision to post Grand Rounds at two different powerhouse blogs:  Emergiblog and Kevin, MD (looks like the same at both places).

Welcome to the historic, 5th year anniversary of Grand Rounds, the weekly summary of the best of the medical blogosphere. As the proud new co-leader of Grand Rounds, I am committed to expanding its reach, promoting the Grand Rounds “brand,” and making sure contributors’ voices are heard by healthcare’s movers and shakers.
This day happens to be historic for me as well, since I have just taken the leap into blogging independence. I’m excited that “Dr. Val and the Voice of Reason” lives on at the Getting Better Blog. I am committed to integrity, transparency, and medical accuracy – presented in a warm, and down-to-earth manner. Unfortunately, my new site is not live yet, so KevinMD and Kim from Emergiblog have graciously allowed me to crash guest blog at their sites for this edition of Grand Rounds.

A nice edition, and I really like the new logo.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, GD. I guess I’m the first “homeless blogger” to host Grand Rounds – and an anniversary edition to boot! Kevin and Kim did a terrific job posting the content I sent them in MS Word. I’m sure it wasn’t fun trying to get the weird code out of it!

    I’ll be going door-to-door guest blogging wherever I can until I receive clearance to launch my new blog. Maybe I’ll even receive an invitation from YOU? Would you take in a refugee for a day? :)