Naughty Radiology Tech

Well, I learn something new every day from blogging. Thanks to TBTAM for the wart therapy tip: pregnancy can cure warts? I’m not sure if I’m THAT desperate yet. And what would I say to my child – yeah, daddy and I didn’t really want to have a kid, we just wanted to cure our plantar wart? Lol.

Here’s an ER themed cartoon for you trauma folks. Enjoy!


  1. I guess I’ve to start doing stuff like this to keep our surgeon on his toes ;)

  2. For real fun tape a vase (or other extremely large, phalic object) to your lower abdomen.

  3. I think you child will look at your gorgeous wart-free feet and know that his/ her life had meaning.

    Unless of course, it doesn’t work for you the way it did for me, in which case you’ll be stuck with painful warts, sleepless nights and another college tuition to play.

    Your call.

  4. I hope this isn’t too crude, but another commenter already introduced the topic, so here goes. When I was in high school a friend’s dad got him a summer job as a gofer at an x-ray lab. So naturally, the kid got bored, and he and an accomplice at the lab started playing with the equipment. They got some hamburger meat and shaped it to look like a penis around a broken chicken leg bone. He had a great time with that x-ray.

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