Slow Night



  1. funny

  2. As long as you are able to come back and do it again, it could be worse. :-)

  3. Jim in Texas says:

    When I worked in an ER at Moody AFB, GA back in the late 60’s (let me hasten to add that I was only there as an amubulance driver if they needed one) the ER techs on a slow night would inject frogs with epinephrine and have frog races.,…what can I say, we were young, bored and stupid.

  4. Oh, lookit… you use the same 12-lead we use. Your crash carts are nicer though.

  5. see, I look at that and wonder how long before that room was ready to use again.


  6. That’s our pedi crash cart, nicely color coded. We don’t use it, and I’m very happy about that (there’s a gigantic peds referral center next door, that’s why).

    It took about 15 minuted to turn the room over, as I recall.