A polite suggestion to the makers of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) everywhere

Dear UPS makers,
Thank you for making some really excellent products. My home has products of varying sizes made by several of your manufacturing colleagues, and they generally do a terrific job of protecting my sensitive electronics from the occasional power flicker.

I write, however, to ask you very nicely to QUIT with the dang BEEPING NOISES in your otherwise useful devices. The power has been out in my palatial abode for nearly three hours now, and I’d get some sleep were it not for the incessant hooting from self important UPS gadgets.

Yes, we know the powers’ out. The loss of the fans, AC, and lights was quite enough a clue. No need to rub in our “lives in the stix” factor. No need for inanimate devices to keep us awake telling us “hey, the power is still off”.

Nobody wants, or needs, these alarms. They were sold to you by the Vast Alarm Conspiracy. Done alarming every single thing in the hospital they went to you: flattered, you bought into their “your products’ intended function deserves attention” mantra. You were lead astray, I tell you.

I implore you, as a man losing sleep while ranting into an iPhone, Stop It. Stop with the alarms.

Thank you, and a quiet good night, from everyone someday,



  1. GD,
    You can simply shut off the UPS, you know. Really, there’s a power button, switch, or fuse you can pull. If that doesn’t work, you can always open them up and disconnect the battery.

    I know. I’ve done it. But, the first time you see one of those things take a lightning strike and your computer boots up right away, you’ll forgive the vast conspiracy.

    -SSG J

  2. I believe there are some jumpers on the back that you can set to disable the alarm. RTFM. :)

  3. Often times the software has a soft switch for alert volume, frequency and condition (ie, only alarm when at 10% remaining, or only alarm until safe shutdown is complete).

  4. Yes, I know I can turn them off. Why should I have to?

    This is their intended function. They only need to peep when they can no longer do their function.

    It’s not enough I have to listen to monitors constantly alarming all day at work, now I have to hear them at home as well.

  5. When in doubt, drop it in a bucket of water. That should take care of the annoying alarm. Oh, and don’t be standing in said bucket of water when you drop it in.

  6. @ Danimal,

    That was funny! ;-)

  7. You shoulod try working in an repare shop where they are tested all day long!

  8. He does work in a repair shop.

    The equipment he repairs is capable of much more annoying noises.