AP: Voting could be hazardous to your health

Study: Voting could be hazardous so be careful

AP Medical Writer

CHICAGO (AP) — Could voting for president be hazardous to your health? An analysis of Election Day traffic deaths dating back to Jimmy Carter’s 1976 win suggests yes, but the authors say that’s no reason not to go to the polls.

The study found that on average, 24 more people died in car crashes during voting hours on presidential election days than on other October and November Tuesdays. That amounts to an 18 percent increased risk of death. And compared with non-election days, an additional 800 people suffered disabling injuries.

The results were pretty consistent on all eight presidential Election Days that were analyzed, up to George W. Bush’s victory over John Kerry in 2004.

In case you needed something else to worry about.


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    Where we live, there’s a lot of push for Early Voting. Traditionalists that we are at our house, we STILL prefer showing up on election day. If the word (about election days being dangerous) spreads, the Early Voting idea just may catch on with more people. I, personally, hope to see LOTS of folks get the idea that they SHOULD vote!!