Death, then Life…blogroll style

Well, if I’m going to pronounce blogs dead, I should add some I don’t have already.

So, this is my one and only invitation to drop a link to your blog I don’t already link to, for the next week or two, and I’ll have a look.

This does NOT guarantee an addition to my blogroll.  I typically don’t link until there’s 2 or 3 months worth of posts, so you won’t have a blog-crib death (which makes me overly emotional), and then, well, I’m a little picky.  So you don’t write, or call, all hurt and everything.


  1. If you are inclined check out my Health Care Law Blog at I need to do the same type of updating/pruning of my own blogroll. Maybe your effort will be my inspiration.

  2. G’day GruntDoc from Australia
    Not quite reached the required 2-3 month of posts but would be honored if you were to check out my emergency medicine site Life in the Fast Lane or the more eclectic 28-Hour-Day Diet. Wishing you a great day as we roll into summer!

  3. Hello!

    I’ve been blogging for over a year, as a nursing student and now as an Emergency Nurse. Enjoy!

  4. Health Train Express has been around for over three years…I began blogging on years ago…
    Initially I conceived my blog for information about health information technology and RHIOs, from there it was all downhill, as I wandered off into policy, politics,,social media, rants, raves, and other mindless areas.
    I am now fully retired from clinical ophthalmology dedicating the remainder of my time on earth to mentoring, comiserating with, and consoling my younger brethren in medicine, nursing, and ‘providers’.

    Hopefully the younger generation can fix what mine screwed up royally….

  5. Dear GruntDoc,
    I am a poor humble radiologist in a small city in South India. I have been blogging for about 30 months now.
    I would consider it a great honour and will be eternally grateful if you, the Grand Ol’ Man of the medblogosphere, lower your standards a bit and include my lowly blog in your blogroll.

  6. Grunt Doc=

    I have two blogs. I am an otolaryngolgist and have been blogging regularly since April 2007.

    Reflections in a Head Mirror is at

    Behind the Head Mirror is at

    Thanks for considering them.

  7. You mean the corps didn’t require you to return their precious emotions when you PCS’ed out?

  8. Oops. While trying to pull your chain, I forgot to include a link to my blog in the previous reply.
    scan man’s notes

    [I though I already had you in there. Apologies. – GD]

  9. Hi GruntDoc!!
    I’m a medical student from Australia and have been blogging for around 13 months (or thereabouts). I was a lurker at your site for long before that…
    Just got my healthcare blogger code today (yay).

  10. I’d loved to be added. I co-blog with my husband. It’s not strictly nedblogging (and the medical topics arelight right now while I’m on maternity leave).

  11. You can add me!

    Life. Not Terribly Ordinary.

  12. Hey GD,
    If you think it appropriate I’d like to be on the blogroll (under anything other than dead :-)) thx. Ian.

  13. Hey, thanks for the invitation. I’d love to be added. I will add you to my blogroll – as soon as I get around to creating one. You are, however, already included in my MedBlogs Pipe.


    [for the record, I thought you were already blogrolled. Mea culpa. – GD]

  15. Hey GruntDoc,

    What the heck I’ll toss mine in the line up. Love reading your stuff!

  16. Oh, OK…me too! Me too!

  17. I am another one of those lurkers about your site, and would be honored to be considered for addition. 4th year med student preparing for residency, and roughly 5 years worth of postings under my virtual belt.

    I would also like to second pookieMD’s recommend for the happyhospitalist. cheers

    24 hour people:

  18. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog and it gives me a number of places to go and read when I get the time. I’m not really “appropriate” for your blogroll. Although I am an ER nurse who blogs about ER nursing and such, my blog contains more than posts about medicine. I blog about the people in medicine but I also blog about just life in general too. Keep up the good work. I do enjoy your site.

  19. I hope that having the coveted “Grunt Doc Caption Contest Winner,” on my CV would get my foot in the door for the blog roll. My site is humble, and I have the typing skills of a monkey wearing a catcher’s mitt, but I’d certainly try to stay of the dead blog list.

  20. Semper Fi, Devil Doc!

    Just because your were a Navy Doctor doesn’t mean you weren’t a Marine. You know just as well as I do that those of us who are out there (I was an 0331 [C/1/8 & Wpns/1/8] and a 5541 [III MEF and 2dMarDiv Band, respectively] from 1980-1984 and an 0311/0369 from 1985-1990 with B/1/25, USMCR) have the utmost respect for docs, nurses, and especially Corpsmen. We take care of you all because you take care of us.

    Mine can be found at, and I’ve been toiling in the vineyard for coming up on two years. I have no plans of going any place.

    Walt Trachim

  21. Frank Drackman says:

    Another former Grunt doc here, Camp Lejeune during the Grunge era.My Blog covers everything from how to pull out a stubborn Swan Ganz to pissin in a glove at 24,000 feet. With some cool Jazz and hot brawds to boot.
    Or “Frankie’s Hideout”

  22. Hey Doc,

    I’m a lurker. Don’t always agree with what you say but very much enjoy your blog :-)

    Mine’s currently located at:


  23. You gotta have a Texan living in Bangladesh!

  24. weeew… I’m glad i got in while the getting was good…Thanks!

    If most of your followers and docs are EM docs you coupld probably quit seeing patients and make more money just recruiting or selling your email list! It’s a good thing you’re too ethical for that. It is an amazing sign of the ED times that these recruiters are making hand over fist just making introductions to docs that want jobs. I love that this bloggosphere is like round two of the grassroots revolution. The times they are a changin’ when we can all communicate directly, and the media is stuck paying attention to our thoughts….gotta love it!