Fish Pedicure Is Now an Outlaw in Texas – Medgadget

Fish Pedicure Is Now an Outlaw in Texas – Medgadget –
We have terrible news to report. “Fish pedicures” or “doctor fish” procedures that we reported on back in August, have now been banned in at least two states. Washington and Texas are unhappy with the communal insertions of stinky feet into aquariums primarily for sanitary reasons.

While I was not in the target market for this, I’m a little surprised.

GruntDoc: bringing the tough news.  via Medgadget.


  1. I also cover the hard news, GD. I wrote about the fish pedicure several months ago, and how wart viruses (there I go again) and fungus could be spread via these practices. Ew.

  2. Gee, and here I was thinking to myself …
    “Self, how did these doctor fish get a license to do these things that humans need a license to do?”
    Probably wouldn’t make a very good witness at a malpractice trial, either.
    Plaintiff Attorney: “Isn’t it true that infected hangnails are now a NEVER EVENT?”
    Doctor Fish: [sits there in silence with googly eyes shifting about nervously]

  3. There is much more going on here than foot hygiene.
    I have to suspect some sort of nibbling fish foot fetish. Even more disturbing.