In the interest of full disclosure on the EMR

It occurs to me I have exposed myself to a potential charge of a conflict of interest here, and want to clear the air.  (Dang, and right after having been okayed for the Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics, proudly displayed in the right sidebar: they may want it back, and I’m not kidding about that).

I hadn’t meant to talk about which EMR we’re using, but in the excitement I did.  We’re using EPIC, which is pretty good, and I’m perfectly happy with 85% of it, and the rest we all want to tweak.

I am a paid consultant to our hospital ownership groups’ EPIC steering committee, and have input into what goes into order sets, etc.  It takes 2 hours once a month, so I’m not going to retire (or even vacation) on the income, but I do get money for working on the project.  I can tell you  I signed an NDA about what we do specifically, I don’t own stock or get any other money from these efforts, and I don’t work directly for EPIC on this.  I don’t want my discussion of our EMR to cross any ‘talking up a commercial product that he’s getting money from’ line, thus the disclosure.

So now you know.  I don’t consider it a conflict, but you can be your own judge of that.


  1. As heartbroken the news makes me, I think you still ethical enough for me. Just don’t start pitching Amway.

  2. LOL @Rob: My first psychiatrist tried to get me into AMWAY — in the middle of an examination! Talk about conflict of interest!

    Oh wise and mighty GruntDoc Sir: I think it only counts as conflict of interest if you can buy a Kia with the proceeds.

  3. You’re fine. You never struck me as any kind of shill.

  4. What did we do before Epic. It’s not perfect, but pretty darn close!

  5. Goatwhacker says:

    I don’t see a conflict, if anything your hospital seems to be an example of how do do things right introducing an EMR.

  6. Trust me when I tell you it is refreshing to see someone worry about conflict of interest so much. There should be more of this.

  7. No conflict here. You are being paid to help implement a system that has already been bought and paid for.

  8. I agree that it is nice to see people concerned with things like a conflict of interest. You rock GD.

  9. TheNewGuy says:

    Rehab Works nailed it.