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Fingers And Tubes In Every Orifice – Back from the Dead.

Fingers And Tubes In Every Orifice

Moved out of Dead Blogs.  Back, and wih a long and thoughtful post.

Fish Pedicure Is Now an Outlaw in Texas – Medgadget

Fish Pedicure Is Now an Outlaw in Texas – Medgadget –
We have terrible news to report. “Fish pedicures” or “doctor fish” procedures that we reported on back in August, have now been banned in at least two states. Washington and Texas are unhappy with the communal insertions of stinky feet into aquariums primarily for sanitary reasons.

While I was not in the target market for this, I’m a little surprised.

GruntDoc: bringing the tough news.  via Medgadget.

In the interest of full disclosure on the EMR

It occurs to me I have exposed myself to a potential charge of a conflict of interest here, and want to clear the air.  (Dang, and right after having been okayed for the Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics, proudly displayed in the right sidebar: they may want it back, and I’m not kidding about that).

I hadn’t meant to talk about which EMR we’re using, but in the excitement I did.  We’re using EPIC, which is pretty good, and I’m perfectly happy with 85% of it, and the rest we all want to tweak.

I am a paid consultant to our hospital ownership groups’ EPIC steering committee, and have input into what goes into order sets, etc.  It takes 2 hours once a month, so I’m not going to retire (or even vacation) on the income, but I do get money for working on the project.  I can tell you  I signed an NDA about what we do specifically, I don’t own stock or get any other money from these efforts, and I don’t work directly for EPIC on this.  I don’t want my discussion of our EMR to cross any ‘talking up a commercial product that he’s getting money from’ line, thus the disclosure.

So now you know.  I don’t consider it a conflict, but you can be your own judge of that.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 5:4 – Notes of an Anesthesioboist

Notes of an Anesthesioboist: Grand Rounds!

Fun city.

Death, then Life…blogroll style

Well, if I’m going to pronounce blogs dead, I should add some I don’t have already.

So, this is my one and only invitation to drop a link to your blog I don’t already link to, for the next week or two, and I’ll have a look.

This does NOT guarantee an addition to my blogroll.  I typically don’t link until there’s 2 or 3 months worth of posts, so you won’t have a blog-crib death (which makes me overly emotional), and then, well, I’m a little picky.  So you don’t write, or call, all hurt and everything.

Respectful Insolence: Nooo! They got Bullwinkle!

Respectful Insolence: Nooo! They got Bullwinkle!

Funny!  Worth the trip.

Dead Blogs

Time to prune the blog rolls.  No posts in a while?  Your blog is deceased.  (Yes, like the Norwegian Blue Parrot).

It’s a hobby, not a career.

Dr. Val has a new blog-home


  Thanks for visiting my new website, everyone! I’m really glad you’re here…drval


Please take the time to vote in my polls so I can learn a little bit more about who you are. To be honest, I’ve never really known WHO my audience was at my former blog at Revolution Health. I just kept chirping away, with the occasional comment/feedback. Now that I have my own site I’ll be interested in getting to know you better, just as some of you have gotten to know me over the past few years.

It’s a good thing, too!

CDC Melamine | FAQ: Melamine in Food Products Manufactured in China

CDC Melamine | FAQ: Melamine in Food Products Manufactured in China

It’s a good review.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 5:3 MDOD Style…

Grandly Rounding, MDOD Style…
Thanks everyone for visiting for MDOD’s first hosting of internet medblog Grand Rounds. Folks have asked if there is a theme for this week and since I’m new to this the answer is… well, maybe. I am going to post everything that was sent to me and some stuff we found. I hope you enjoy it.

Up now.

How much do we like our new EMR?

We’ve been all electrical in our ED for nearly four days now.  How do we like it?

Tonight, we couldn’t get the registration system to talk to the EMR, and it was decided “Well go pack to paper”.  None of us was happy about that.

Really.  4 days in, we’ve seen the light, and none of us wanted to go back to paper.

Terrific, actually.

And I don’t even like dogs.

Yes, the power is back.  Get a kleenex.  Air Force home after a 14 month deployment.

Welcome home, Airman.

A polite suggestion to the makers of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) everywhere

Dear UPS makers,
Thank you for making some really excellent products. My home has products of varying sizes made by several of your manufacturing colleagues, and they generally do a terrific job of protecting my sensitive electronics from the occasional power flicker.

I write, however, to ask you very nicely to QUIT with the dang BEEPING NOISES in your otherwise useful devices. The power has been out in my palatial abode for nearly three hours now, and I’d get some sleep were it not for the incessant hooting from self important UPS gadgets.

Yes, we know the powers’ out. The loss of the fans, AC, and lights was quite enough a clue. No need to rub in our “lives in the stix” factor. No need for inanimate devices to keep us awake telling us “hey, the power is still off”.

Nobody wants, or needs, these alarms. They were sold to you by the Vast Alarm Conspiracy. Done alarming every single thing in the hospital they went to you: flattered, you bought into their “your products’ intended function deserves attention” mantra. You were lead astray, I tell you.

I implore you, as a man losing sleep while ranting into an iPhone, Stop It. Stop with the alarms.

Thank you, and a quiet good night, from everyone someday,


Caption Contest: We have a winner!

I asked you to give me a caption to this photo, and we have a winner:

Joel Goldberg, MD Grand Rapids, MI

“North Carolina Prescription Drug Plan” by Doc

Honorable Mentions:

SkyDaddy with “I can haz oxygen?”

Warriorpear with “Doc, I had to smoke 400 packs in order to get enough points for my Winston Med Case… man, but was it worth it?!”

Ian Furst with “More doctors choose Winston”

Doc gets to place the unwanted coveted “Caption Contest Winner” logo on his blog.


You delivered, BTW: 47 comments (not all were captions, but they’re all welcome).  Thanks for playing.  We’ll have another one when I have a suitable picture.

Dr. Wes: Bloggers Beware

Dr. Wes: Bloggers Beware
Dear Blog-o-sphere:

I was going to tell you about a little problem I had in June that concluded last Friday, but I have reconsidered.

I have read this three times.  It’s just vague enough to be worrisome, and the ending doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the body of the post.

Can someone ‘splain it to me?