Consumer Reports on Flu Shots

CR sent me a link to their article about the Flu this year

Consumer Reports Health logoNearly half of Americans say they’re going to skip the flu shot this season, according to a nationally representative survey of 2,011 adults conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center in October.


And, they have a Flu Smarts Quiz, a lit of the Top 12 Excuses for not getting a flu shot, and some good info on the shot itself and general ‘take care of yourself in flu season’ info.

I’m not pushing Consumer Reports (though I do subscribe to their online version), but think this is good and timely info.

I got my flu shot again this year, and recommend them.


  1. I have not missed a flu shot since I caught the flu in medical school. I recommend it also

  2. LibraryGryffon says:

    I second (or is it third?) that. I didn’t get the shot the ’00-’01 season as they didn’t get enough vaccine into the base for any but active duty (I’m a dependent). That January I got bronchitis, followed by flu a week later, followed a week after that by pneumonia, followed another week after that by pleurisy. I don’t recommened any of them, and would much rather fell blech for a few days every year than relive any of that month ever again. I now understand how the flu pandemics can kill otherwise healthy young adults.

  3. Surprise! I got my flu shot this year at a local drugstore after finding out that my family doc doesn’t give flu shots. (Them: We haven’t given flu shots for several years now. Me: Was that a philosophical decision or a business decision? Them: A business decision.)

    I stopped by a drugstore and got a flu shot for $28, it took about 20 minutes including paperwork, and a student pharmacist gave the shot (it might have been her first) and did a very nice job. I’ve managed medical practices for many years, and I thought the drugstore option was convenient, fast, and affordable. How many things in healthcare can you really say that about?

    Mary Pat Whaley