Google shoots…and misses.

Google did a Veterans’ day logo (finally) and they left off the Coast Guard.

They did fix it, though:


There are five services.  Happy (belated) Veterans’ Day!

(I screwed up, and changed the first post I did on this).


  1. There are actually *six* uniformed services in the US. Bonus points f you can name the other one. (Hint: it’s noncombat.)

  2. Public Health Service. Not a combat arm, but they do serve.

  3. Buzz! Shadowfax and Gruntdoc both loose their bonus points because there are seven uniformed services in the United States, two of which are noncombat. The Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is the sixth, but the seventh is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps (NOAA Corps). Good try though. :>)