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It’s called CDO; it’s OCD but in alphabetical order.

Need more TP

On a recent visit to the eldest daughters’ family, the story: grandson (aged 8) announces he’s ‘going to be in there for a while’, and takes a lined notepad and a pen into the restroom.

Ten minutes later this came sailing out of the restroom:


Heh.  Resourceful.

Twelve STI’s of Christmas

Courtesy of the British National Health Service:


NSFW.  Funny, but Unsafe for work, unless your work involves STD’s in which case it’s required.

It’s my seasonal favorite post, and I hope it’s one of yours.

Not the STD’s, the funny song with equally amusing illustrations.  The backstory, from a previous blog post:

I have seen several searches of this blog for the British National Health Services’ “12 STI’s of Christmas“, and wondered why. The answer: the NHS site no longer carries the wonderful show, for reasons unknown to me. As for the searches, I guess the Christmas season has people thinking about sexually transmitted infections (diseases on this side of the Pond) set to Christmas tunes.

Merry Christmas!